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  • We create media

    Photo shoots takes 1-2 hours we do both video and photos.

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  • Apps, Videos, Joomla and Wordpress

    Apple and Android marketplaces. Joomla and Wordpress development.

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  • Media Distribution

    We help spread your word or information on the internet.

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Orange County CMS websites media and distribution

Orange County App, Video Joomla and WordPress builder. We help you distribute media to showcase and connect.

We go to your location and help you do online web and media creation for your business. App development, we can make and distribute media or your apps on the Apple and Android marketplaces. Joomla and WordPress development and learning. We have mettings weekly and get together with people that want to learn and share ieads about marketing and web development using a CMS. We evaluate your needs and set up a sites with unlimited possibility, pages and content. We help you create the most important interactive features on a web site or build content to showcase or connect with people. We help with websites, media and distribution of your media creation.

In Orange County we build Apps,videos and CMS sites built with Joomla and WordPress

We make websites with translation built into them with a click you can covert your site into one of 50 languages . Installation and set-up your website that can have 1,000's expandable features and can interact with people visiting your site. We are a small website development company that works one on one with other small business owners and organization. We feel that our job is to teach and impalement the best technologies to help business owners market their company. We are all long time residents of Orange County.

We do not outsource and we do all the work here in Orange County, CA. We teach people or the owners of companies make thier sites, it is important to be able to add or edit your own website.

  • Website creation any kind of websites including E-commerce or Social Communities.
  • Basic Information business sites
  • E-Bay -Set-up and deployed E-bay stores
  • Craigs List – Ads and postings
  • Amazon – Set-up and deployed Amazon stores
  • FaceBook Set-up and deployed FaceBook company pages to create a personal public relation for companies to clients.
  • E-Commerce – Set-up and deployed E-Commerce sites both subscription type and self hosted.
  • YouTube – We made all kinds of videos for YouTube and can film and produce a video channel.

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