At Youth vs. Apocalypse Orange County,

Our goal it to help people and children tell their hopes and fears of the future. Our group helps people broadcast and make media FREE or distribute valid information.

We work with a cable TV station called the “News of the World”,

We make movies for YouTube and high traffic websites. We do free interviews with young adults and children that have something to say about their future and the future of the world and all of humanity. We have started a Not for Profit to unite parents and children alike to be pro active in shaping their destiny. Kids nowadays are quite inquisitive and always ready with a “why” or “how” when being taught something new. It is in the first few years of a person’s life that we learn new concepts quickly. Children can speak a new language easier and more naturally than an adult.  A child’s brain is like a sponge. It soaks up all the information it receives. Schools have a responsibility towards future leaders – not just teaching them how to read and write, but also educating them about environmental awareness. Environmental Awareness is about being aware of the environment. This refers to all flowers and animals and includes all marine and wildlife. The planet is currently facing an increasing number of environmental challenges, which include climate change, global warming, droughts, water scarcity, floods, and pollution. Children, as early as possible, should be aware of the environmental issues we’re facing.

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