Youth vs. Apocalypse Orange County

Meeting every Sunday. Haster Basin Recreational Park 12952 Lampson Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92840 at 10 AM. Meetings are at the playground. Wear something green if you like.

We have started an organization to empower children. We do free interviews with young adults and children that have something to say about their future and the future of the world and all of humanity. We have started a Not for Profit to unite parents and children alike to be pro active in shaping their destiny.

With the coming elections now is the time to start a movement.

We want to meet parents with children that are interested in the future of the world. What place will our children be in the world they will have to live in? Life is change and if we don’t all get motivated we will all be the losers for ignoring the problems we face. Leaving what needs to be done to the government or your local cities is unrealistic. The problem has a time frame before we face massive change. We are producing media and a website for our organization and need people to help and support the project.

You can learn and share with your friends movies and information or you can call for more information and about meetings and help get this group organized – 714-910-4719 – We are parents of a 3 year old child and everyday we try to imagine the world he will live in. It scares us to know that if we do nothing he will not have the same future that we all have take for granted. The planet is currently facing an increasing number of environmental challenges, which include climate change, global warming, droughts, water scarcity, floods, and pollution. Children, as early as possible, should be aware of the environmental issues were facing. Our goal it to help all people and children tell their hopes and fears of the future and what can be done. Our group helps people broadcast and make media and distribute information from valid sources.